[Updates] U.S. 2024: Judge Removes Trump from Presidential Ballot

AHEAD of the November 4, 2024, United States of America election, several dramas have continued to ensue triggering mixed reactions.

This is as ex-president of the U.S., Mr. Donald Trump faces severe challenges in his quest for reelection into office.

Trump has reportedly been leading in terms of support and admiration from a number of the citizens of the United States of America.

Yet, again, an Illinois Judge has reportedly removed Donald Trump from the Presidential ballot in the state. This, however, comes after the state board voted unanimously not to remove him from the ballot.

Consequently, a series of questions beg for answers based on democracy in America. One
Describing the judge as radical, some commentators who preferred anonymity ask if a judge can remove a Presidential candidate from the ballot because she doesn’t like him.

They allege that she (the Judge) claims it’s due to the 14 Amendment, swaying the people from the truth.


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