Tragic: Turkish Politician Falls From Balcony, Dies Amidst Celebration of Election Victory

A moment of triumph quickly turned into tragedy for the Republican People’s Party (CHP) following the local elections in Denizli, Turkey.

The deputy head of the party’s branch, Mehmet Palaz, lost his life in a balcony collapse during celebrations of their electoral success. The accident not only claimed Palaz’s life but also left seven others injured, three of them critically.

The celebrations were in honor of Kadir Tatik’s victory in the local municipality head’s race for Tavak district. Supporters and party members had gathered in front of the party building, their spirits high with the win. The festive atmosphere took a drastic downturn when a balcony, overloaded with people, detached from the building and plummeted, taking its occupants with it.

A video capturing this shocking moment was shared on social media, illustrating the gravity of the collapse. The video, posted by a user named @MyLordBebo on X (formerly Twitter), shows the crowded balcony giving way suddenly, leading to a chaotic scene as onlookers rushed to the aid of those affected.

Mehmet Palaz sustained severe head injuries from the fall and was rushed to a hospital in Pamukkale, where he later succumbed to his injuries on April 1. This incident cast a shadow over the otherwise successful election for the CHP, which saw significant victories in major cities across Turkey, including Ankara and Istanbul, on March 31.


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