Tears As Bees Kill Six Passengers After Road Crash

No fewer than six passengers met their end after they were stung to death by bees.

The bees attacked the passengers when the bus they were traveling on crashed on the road in Nicaragua.

The bus was said to have fallen into a beehive after the crash.

Authorities said Santos Herrera, 22, was driving on El Caracol-La Rica route that covers the northern cities of Jinotega and San Sebastián de Yalí when he encountered mechanical problems and lost control of the school bus in the municipality of San Sebastián de Yalí on Monday.

The crash sent the bus crashing into a 160-foot-deep slope where the beehives were located, Daily Mail UK reports.

The impact of the crash caused the bus to break open multiple wooden boxes and allowed the swarm of African bees to escape the hives where they produced honey.

Health officials said the killer bees attacked 45 of the 60 passengers and Herrera.

Residents in the area tried to rescue the trapped passengers but stopped their efforts because of the presence of the bees.

The dead victims were identified as Eneyda Tórrez, 47, and her eight-year-old daughter, Andrea Carolina García, who died at a local hospital.

The accident also left dead Kenia Soza, 19; Dilcia Amparo, 32; Santos Calderón, 38; and Reyna Olivas, 84.

At least 14 passengers, including four-year-old Justin Rivas and Alma Rivas, who is pregnant, were hospitalized at a clinic in San Sebastián de Yalí and a hospital in Jinotega.

The National Police’s transit unit initiated a probe into the accident.


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