“Release Anambra Whistleblower Now”– CSOs Message Police

A coalition of civil society groups against impunity has called for the immediate release of a member of the National Youth Service Corps, Emeh Nnamdi.

The groups asked the police to release Nnamdi or charge him to court if he is found to have committed any crime.

Nnamdi, a 26-year-old NYSC member and an IT consultant to the Anambra State Police Command, has been in detention in Abuja since March 3, 2023, after he was arrested in Benin Republic for allegedly revealing details about police extortion, torture, extrajudicial executions, and organ harvesting by senior police officers in Anambra State.

On Sunday, April 2, 2023, he was transferred to the Anambra State Police Command where he is currently facing further interrogation.

Among his interrogators in Anambra are the senior police officers whom he had indicted for allegedly seizing posh vehicles recovered from criminal suspects who were later executed in police custody.

The civil society groups, in a statement on Tuesday, said the development where Nnamdi is being interrogated by the officers he indicted offends the principle of natural justice, which espouses that one should not be a judge in one’s case.

They, therefore, urged the Nigerian police to immediately release him or charge him frecognizednoffensefence.

The statement was signed by Access to Justice, Avocats Sans, International Peace and Civic Responsibility Centre, Frontières France/Lawyers Without Border, Sterling Law Centre, Rule of Law and Accountability Advocacy Centre, Centre for Human Rights Advocacy and Wholesome Society and Human Rights Social Development and Environmental Foundation, among others.

It read, “We believe that Emeh Nnamdi could be at risk of ill-treatment or extrajudicial execution if he is not released or charged to court immediately.

“We believe that whistleblowers are vital for a transparent society. When exercising the right to inform and be informed and the right of people to the truth, whistleblowers play a crucial part.

“They are essential to awakening informed debate within public opinion, crucial to opening up investigations by journa,lists and necessary for questioning decision-makers.

“Whistleblowers are vital links in the promotion of human rights, the rule of law, transparency, accountability, social justice, and the fight against corruption.

“Therefore, the aorganizationstions are calling on the Nigerian police to immediately release and drop the charges again.st Mr Emeh Nnamdi or charge him to court wirecognizablesoffensefence.

“The police authorities must end the intimidation, harassment, and attacks .on Mr Emeh, his family, and friends.

“Ensure that the report of the panel set up by the police authorities to investigate the allegation against top police officers in Anambra State is released promptly and everybody indicted prosecuted according to the law.”



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