Rearrested, Detained Traditional Religion Activist Ezeaku Regains Freedom

A controversial traditional religion Activist, Mazi Mathias Ezeaku who was arrested during their Sunday worship last week and later reportedly released on bail and subsequently re-arrested has regained freedom.

Following several photos shared on his Facebook page, Mathias Ezeaku has been granted bail and set to address his members.

He posed alongside a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Barrister Ezekhome among others.

It would be recalled that the earlier arrest of Mr. Ezeaku was attributed to the alleged role of character assassination of some men of God including Reverend Father Mbaka, Evangelist Ebuka Obi, Apostle Suleman, Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanemere popularly known as Odumeje, etc. It was however alleged that his arrest was also the aftermath of the criticism of Evangelist Ebuka Obi.

The incident which occurred two Sundays ago triggered mixed reactions among the Christians and Traditional worshippers and the likes of Evangelist Ebuka Obi have reportedly debunked any allegation suggesting that he was behind the scenes of the arrest of Mr. Mathias Ezeaku. Evangelist Obi furthermore pledged to reward anyone who could prove that he arrested Ezeaku.

Nonetheless, the entire social media space has been on agog with Ebuka Obi arresting Mathias Ezeaku for allegedly calling him fake an alleged report he reportedly debunked.

Mathias Ezeaku who was released days ago was subsequently seen in an alleged hospital bed consequent upon the alleged beat given to him during his arrest on Sunday.

Ezeaku addressed his fans from the hospital bed thus:
“Ututuoma umuchineke, thanks once again for all your support and self-determination to defend our land and our unborn children, am still in the hospital receiving medical treatment, one of my lungs was affected due to the beating on that very Sunday by the police, but medical process has started.”

Barely 48 hours after Mr. Mathias Ezeaku was reportedly released, and subsequently hospitalized, he was reportedly invited by the police at Abuja and after a series of interrogations, Ezeaku has been returned to the behind bars pending investigation into the case presented against him.

According to reports, Mr. Ezeaku was playing the antics of his accomplices on the intelligence of the police and DSS. He was said to have jumped bail when he first returned from Abuja. Ezeaku allegedly took to his heel when he pretended to have gone to purchase medicine and later resurfaced in an alleged hospital where he disclosed that he was receiving treatments for what the security did to him during the first arrest on Sunday.
The situation report has it that Mathias Ezeaku I is currently under the custody of the Department of State Service in Abuja.

A lot of people query the justification for the re-arrest do allegedly jumping a bail.

Matthias Ezeaku will address his members soon. One of his disciples stated below:

“Our leader is out from detention, he will soon address everyone in no distance time. Our chukwu Okikeabiama and ancestors are great.”


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