Presidential Election: Peter Obi Restates Role In Take-back Nigeria Movement

The presidential candidate of the Labour Party in the February 25th, 2023 general election, Mr. Peter Obi has restated his determination to ensure that the country is rescued from imminent wrath of lingering bad governance.

Mr. Obi in a message to supporters and Nigerians in the diaspora described the OBIdients as the arrowhead in the take-back Nigeria mission.

He, therefore, restated that his role is neither about the tribe, Igbo agenda nor to Christianize Nigeria.

He said “In the life of every nation, there is a turning point. For Nigeria, that time is now; a time to save Nigeria, save our democracy, and give the Nigerian youths hope. OBIdient Movement has been the arrowhead in the take-back Nigeria mission.

“My role in the Movement is that of a Focal Point. As I’ve always stressed, Nigeria remains a secular state. As such, the movement is not about my tribe or my religion, and it is not an Igbo agenda or in any way, to Christianize Nigeria.

“My aspiration is for a new Nigeria, where the children of a nobody will become somebody. A nation anchored on national interests, and not sectional interests; where the entire youths from the six geopolitical zones will have a sense of belonging in the affairs of their country.

“No one should ascribe ethnic or religious colouration to the OBIdient Movement. Nigeria is one and my ambition is to become the President of a United and Indivisible Nigeria.

“PeterObi 🇳🇬”


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