Photos: Latest Ten Original & Fake Products You Should Beware of in Nigeria

The rate at which industries manufacture various products that serve various purposes in society is currently on the rise. Thus, the agencies in charge of manufacturing products/goods for consumption including the National Agency for Food and Drug Agency Commission NAFDAC, the Standard Organization of Nigeria SON, etc. must step up actions towards cracking down on the manufacturers of the various adulterated or fake products.

Nowadays, a lot of people have ventured into production and manufacturing of products, especially edible ones which often lack the approval of the NAFDAC. Consequently, a growing number of fake products in the country.

The health effects of these products are the major concern about the development. In society today, there is a rapid increase in health failure due to various factors including the unconscious consumption of fake products. Some ailments including heart disease, kidney failure, organ failure, etc. are on the rise due to the growing consumption of some health-endangering products.

According to Adedeji Adewuyi Khidir below are the ways to differentiate the original from the fake products using Peak milk as a case study:
“These two sachets of Peak milk look so identical and impossible to differentiate, unfortunately, one is fake and the other is original.”

“The only way you can identify the original is at the back in the thick blue line carrying both the NAFDAC reg number and EXPIRY date. The fake one on the right has it visible.”
“Please check well before you buy. Thanks”

Other original and fake products include:
Fake Peak milk, Fake Soy Sauce, Fake Heineken, Fake Vaseline, Fake Malta Guinness, Fake Wine, Fake soft drinks, Fake beverages, Fake Nivea, Fake bottled water, and many more

The masses must be aware of the above-mentioned products and how to identify them.
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