MTN Nigeria Addresses Users about Nationwide Service Outages, Others

MTN Nigeria has acknowledged experiencing significant disruption to its network services across the nation, attributing the issue to a technical glitch.

The disruption, which has impacted both voice and data connectivity, has been a source of frustration for numerous customers who have reported difficulties in making phone calls and accessing the internet.

The cause of the service disruption has been identified as multiple fibre optic cable cuts, which have had a direct impact on the quality and availability of network services. In response to the outage, MTN Nigeria has taken to social media to issue a statement, informing their customers about the nature of the problem and the steps being taken to address it.

In their communication, MTN Nigeria expressed, “We are aware that our customers are currently facing challenges in connecting to our network, which is due to a significant service disruption caused by several cuts to our fibre optic cables. This has affected our ability to provide reliable voice and data services.”

The company also highlighted that its engineering team is actively working on resolving the issue, with some areas already beginning to see a gradual restoration of services.

MTN Nigeria has extended an apology for the inconvenience caused by the outage and is requesting the patience and understanding of their customers as they work diligently to restore full service at the earliest possible time.


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