Mbaka Awards Millions to Scholarship Scheme

The spiritual director of the Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria Amen, Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka has awarded N100 million to the scholarship scheme at Unique and Fine International College, Enugu.

Powered by Multi Life Savers, the N100 million is an additional scholarship that Fr. Mbaka has awarded to both indigents and meritorious students.

It, therefore, brings the total scholarship fund to an impressive 500 million naira.

The scholarship covers six-year school fees, personal clothing (including underwear, footwear, and shorts), school uniforms, shoes, textbooks, exercise books, school bags, laptops, pocket money, medical fees, and all expenses essential for a successful education.

The gesture is part of the initiatives to assist the underprivileged, the primary beneficiaries include selected members of various adoration zones and ministries, along with those who have successfully passed the scholarship exams and indigenous community members.

According to the report, the accomplishment is truly noteworthy, as nearly half of the student body already benefits from this comprehensive scholarship program.


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