Kano State Anti-Corruption Body Slams Fresh Charges on Ex-Governor Ganduje

The Kano State Anti-Corruption and Public Complaints Commission has announced new corruption charges against former Governor Abdullahi Ganduje.

The chairman of the commission, Muhuyi Magaji, revealed on a television program that the charges involve the misappropriation of massive amounts of local government funds and other financial misconduct.

Magaji described the current investigations as just “the tip of the iceberg,” detailing how N51.3 billion was illicitly transferred from government coffers to private individuals, including an instance where N1 billion intended for road repairs was diverted to Bureau de Change operators just a month before Ganduje’s tenure ended in May 2023.

Moreover, the commission is investigating another case where N4 billion was transferred from the state’s consolidated revenue account to an agricultural company. These cases are now before the courts.

Despite being appointed by Ganduje himself, Magaji emphasized his commitment to impartiality and justice, stating, “We have an institution…that is devoid of political activities and dedicated to fighting corruption, checking maladministration, and fighting injustice.” He affirmed that there are no “sacred cows” in their anti-corruption efforts, including those within the agency itself.

Ganduje, who served as the governor from May 2015 to May 2023, is also under scrutiny for allegedly accepting substantial bribes totaling $413,000 and N1.38 billion. These allegations have pressured him to resign from his current position as the national chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC). In a related development, Ganduje faced suspension by some APC executives in his ward, which was later dismissed by state party officials.


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