JAMB Clarifies Registration Issues for DE Candidates with Name Changes

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has faced backlash from Direct Entry (DE) candidates who have been unable to register due to name changes, sparking concerns about the implications for those with legitimate reasons for updating their identities.

JAMB on Wednesday June 5, 2024 gave clarification on the development, emphasizing the need for clarity and guidelines for other candidates.

A report by PUNCH explains that a change of name involves formally updating one’s identity in newspapers, ensuring all previous documents remain valid.

Adeniyi Adeyemi-Reuben, formerly Segbe Adeyemi Reuben, changed his name in April 2017.

He stated, “I can’t register for JAMB because I changed my surname after my first degree. Even those who changed their surname due to marriage face the same issue. I met three of them at the JAMB office in Lagos and another one at JAMB headquarters in Abuja.”

He added, “Despite my formal complaint, JAMB isn’t addressing this issue. Is JAMB saying it’s wrong to change your name, even for genuine reasons? They claim people use fake certificates, but I can prove mine are genuine. My second degree, NIN, tax clearance, passport, and work ID all have my new name. Why can’t I register for another course through direct entry?”

Investigations by PUNCH on JAMB’s social media platforms revealed many candidates facing similar challenges. On May 10, Chinwe Okafor tweeted, “I’ve already purchased the DE pin but cannot register due to my name change by marriage. Please assist.”

Uche Oyeka also tweeted, “I was told to change my name back to my maiden name. JAMB, we need clarification. I haven’t been able to register, and registration ends today.”

In a telephone interview, JAMB spokesman Fabian Benjamin said he was unaware of these issues. “I’m not aware,” he stated. When asked if JAMB would address the problem, he reiterated, “I said I’m not aware.

How can I provide a solution to something I’m not aware of? Candidates are registering for our examination; I’m not aware of any other issues. If your name is Benjamin and your documents show another name, you won’t be registered. You must prove and explain the name change to us.”

He concluded, “Often, people try to legalize someone else’s certificate through us. Their schools should identify them.”



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