Israeli Compares 2014 Incident In Nigeria With 2023 Attack by Hamas, Questions World Leaders, Celebrities’ Silence

A series of questions about the activities of world leaders in solving security problems confronting various countries remain unaddressed about the current crises.

Countries like Ukraine and Russia had been a war for over a year before the October 7 incident in Israel abruptly swayed the attention of the world following the Israeli military retribution for the Hamas attack that claimed over a thousand.

Consequently, an Israeli social activist has shed light on the prevailing war and deafening silence of world leaders and celebrities. Comparing Israel’s misfortune to that of the April 7, 2014, Boko Haram abduction of over 270 girls in Nigeria he stated that the ugly triggered reactions among world leaders and celebrities.

According to the activists:

When Boko Haram kidnapped over 270 girls in Nigeria, world leaders and celebrities posted photos on social media calling for their release.

when hamas kidnapped 240 israeli civilians, including women and children, the silence was deafening.

Are Israeli lives less important?


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