Israel Vs Hamas: Yemen’s Houthi Rebels Join Forces to Fire Missile on Southern Israeli City

The ongoing war between Israel and Hamas is taking fuller scale daily as more allies join forces with Hamas.

Yemen’s Houthi rebels claimed responsibility for a ballistic missile attack on the southern Israeli city of Eilat on Thursday.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported that an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) hit a civilian building in Eilat on Wednesday.

“The identity of the UAV and the details of the incident are under review,” the IDF said.
In a video statement, Houthi military spokesperson Brig. Gen. Yehya Saree claimed Houthi forces had fired “a number of ballistic missiles on a number of various targets” around Eilat.

“The operation was successful and led to direct hits to the chosen targets regardless of the enemy keeping the matter secret, the Yemeni armed forces will continue its operations in support of our people in Gaza and until the Israeli aggression in Gaza stops,” Saree said.
In separate news conferences Thursday evening, IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari and Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said they were still looking into the incident.

Earlier this week, the Houthis claimed several missile and drone attacks against Israel and warned that further strikes would come.

On Wednesday, Israel claimed it intercepted a missile launched toward Israel from the Red Sea region by using the Arrow 3 anti-ballistic missile system, according to a joint statement from the Israel Ministry of Defense and the IDF.

The statement claimed the Arrow 3 is “one of the most advanced air and missile defense systems of its kind in the world.”

Last week, the IDF said it used the Arrow 2 system to successfully intercept a missile fired from the Red Sea area.


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