Fuel Vs Sachet Water: Concerns as Association of Table Water Producers Declares New Price for Sachet Water

As the cost of living and inflation continue to skyrocket in Nigeria, the Association of Table Water Producers has said that a sachet of water could soon sell for 100.

During a press conference held on Wednesday, the association highlighted the escalating production costs that are severely impacting their operations, pushing many into significant debt.

Currently, in cities like Awka, the capital of Anambra State in Southeast Nigeria, and several other regions, a sachet of water sells for N50. The retail price for a bag of sachet water fluctuates between N500 and N550, while producers generally sell it for N400.

The association’s leadership elaborated on the challenges faced, noting a drastic increase in the cost of production materials. For instance, the price of nylon, essential for packaging, has surged from N1,100 per kg in December of the previous year to between N3,600 and N3,700. Such increases are not incremental but can spike by up to N550,000 at a time, sometimes happening thrice within a single week.

This situation has led to a dire scenario where the cost of water treatment is no longer factored into production costs, with the focus solely on material costs due to the unpredictable and significant price hikes from nylon producers.

The association expressed sincere concerns over the affordability of sachet water for the average Nigerian, emphasizing the critical nature of water as a basic necessity. The fear is that if sachet water becomes too expensive, it could have far-reaching implications for public health and well-being.

In light of these challenges, the Association of Table Water Producers is appealing to the Nigerian public for understanding and patience as they navigate these difficult times. They stressed their commitment to keeping water prices as low as possible, ideally not exceeding N20 per sachet, despite the substantial increases in operational costs, particularly for diesel, which has gone from N220 to N1,700


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