Ex-CBN Governor, Emefiele Drags Senate President, Akpabio to Court

Godwin Emefiele, the former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), has vowed to take legal steps against Senate President Godswill Akpabio, demanding a public apology for statements made by Akpabio for defamation.

Emefiele’s move is a sequel to a thanksgiving service in Rivers State, where Akpabio made remarks suggesting that he (Emefiele) was to be blamed for the economic difficulties faced by Nigeria, stating that the new administration was left with an economic mess by the former CBN governor.

Represented by his lawyer, Mathew Burkaa (SAN), Emefiele contends that Akpabio’s comments portray him as the sole cause of Nigeria’s economic hardship, a serial offender, and a person with numerous offenses that the government finds challenging to charge him with.

The legal demand was formalized in a letter to Akpabio, dated February 19, where Emefiele expressed his interpretation of the Senate President’s remarks as not only defamatory but also as undermining the integrity and independence of the judiciary, especially considering Emefiele’s ongoing trial for charges he has pleaded not guilty to.

Emefiele’s defense highlights his role in the previous administration, emphasizing that no policy was implemented without the approval of the President or the Federal Executive Council, where Akpabio was a significant member.

He also pointed out his contributions to the banking sector and the nation’s economy, suggesting that the blame placed on him by Akpabio overlooks these efforts and the collaborative nature of policy implementation.

The former CBN governor has requested a written apology from Akpabio, to be published across the same media platforms where the alleged defamatory comments were made, alongside a compensation claim of N25 billion for the damage caused to his reputation. Emefiele’s legal team has made it clear that failure to meet these demands could lead to further legal action, emphasizing the seriousness with which Emefiele views the accusations and the potential impact on his reputation and ongoing legal proceedings.


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