Equal Love, Equal Thanks: Why You Should Treat Both Parents Right

Recently, a family meeting reminded me of the importance of appreciating both of our parents equally.

Called urgently by my mother to our family home, my siblings and I were met with an unexpected coldness rather than her usual warm welcome. The reason behind her somber mood became quickly apparent, and it was a lesson we would not forget.

My mother, usually the heart of our family celebrations, pointed out a significant oversight on our part—the neglect of our father’s contributions and emotional needs. She revealed her disappointment crisply: none of us had remembered to call or message our father on his birthday, a stark contrast to how we lavishly celebrate hers. This oversight brought to light a broader issue of imbalance in how we express our gratitude and affection towards our parents.

She passionately expressed that while we always shower her with attention and gifts, we inadvertently overlook our father, who has been just as pivotal in our upbringing. Our father, a quiet cornerstone of our family, has tirelessly provided for us alongside our mother. Yet, his silent sacrifices often went uncelebrated.

Moved by her words, we were left speechless. My mother’s unexpected action of taking my father out for a belated birthday date was a powerful statement in itself. She was teaching us that both parents deserve equal recognition and love, not just on special occasions but every day.

The evening concluded with a deeper reflection on family values and the biblical commandment to “Honour your father and mother.” This scripture doesn’t specify honoring one parent over the other but emphasizes both. My mother used this moment to educate us further, broadening our understanding and appreciation of our family dynamics.

This experience was a wake-up call for us. It highlighted the often overlooked emotional needs of our parents, especially those who might not voice their feelings openly. It’s a reminder not to take for granted the quiet contributors in our lives and to express our love and gratitude more consistently.

So, to all reading this: don’t wait for a special day to celebrate your parents. Make everyday a reason to appreciate and honor them. Family relationships are invaluable and nurturing them continuously is a responsibility we should not overlook.


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