Enugu Community Banishes Woman for Committing Sacrilege

The forefathers in Igbo Land have different means of protecting and sanctioning those who go contrary to what is considered sacred in the land. Thus, a lot of communities in Igbo land still have those traditional beliefs alive and active in society even though other religions, especially Christianity have spread their presence around the society.

Such traditional beliefs are rarely mentioned until similar circumstances in some Igbo Communities occurred when the people of Iheakpu, Obollo Afor in Udenu Local Government Area of Enugu State banished a woman for allegedly cheating on her husband.

The woman by the name Mrs. Martina has reportedly been cheating on her husband which is against the tradition of the people.

Consequently, the man popularly known as Abisco in Ochisiri Iheakpu Obollo has perpetually fallen sick sequel to the sacrilege.

The news gathered, that the said woman has been doing that for a long time and had been appeasing (rituals) the land

According to a close individual in the family who preferred anonymity, the husband has been sick for a long time due to the sacrilege of his wife, and it’s against the tradition of the LAND. Thus, the HUSBAND and UMUNNA joined to banish the woman.

The eyewitness gave the woman’s name Martina, and the husband is popularly known as Abisco in Ochisiri Iheakpu Obollo Afor in Enugu State.

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