Easy Procedures To Get Student or Work Visa For Canada – Edition 1

Canada is one of the Countries in America and is in North America. Canada has ten regions and three territories that extend from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and northward into the Arctic Ocean. It’s the world’s second-largest country by total area, with the world’s longest coastline. Canada has a lot of potential both in human and material resources which have continued to attract immigrants from various countries of the world.

If you’re applying to study in Canada (study permit), an experienced Canadian Immigration Lawyer can assess your situation, help determine the most suitable program for you and prepare a complete and impressive application package for consideration by Canadian Immigration officials.

However, there are some crucial things that one who wishes to travel to Canada for further studies should be aware of. It’s first necessary to understand the kind of Country you are going to live in and how things are done before the kickoff of the trip. Meanwhile, so many especially from African countries are most concerned about things like the cost of living as well as the availability of jobs. This nonetheless is of paramount importance, although it should be considered as the second category of needs.

Different factors such as the type of course and the availability of affordable institutions must be prioritized by the potential Canadian Varsity students. This is because a lot of foreign students that enroll at the various Varsities in Canada do find themselves lagging in the information they were supposed to have garnered before embarking on the mission.

This piece would, therefore, help sensitize especially foreign students or job seekers to understand the important information about the country and the type of visa required for such a trip. We would first explain the step-by-step processes of acquiring a Study visa for Canada.

Study Visa Applications
Applications for Study Visas are generally considered by visa officers at Canadian Consulates or Embassies around the world. For instance, we witness that in some cases, an application may be filed from within Canada. This notwithstanding the determination by visa officers and immigration officers is governed by regulations, rules, and guidelines, there is also an option allowed to be exercised by the decision-maker. Therefore with our detailed knowledge of the activities of representing clients over the years in various ways, these types of cases can easily be resolved with quality articulation throughout the application procedure.

Arriving Canada: Immigration Interview
Going to the Canadian port-of-entry, either you are applying to be admitted to Canada, or for a temporary and/or permanent, you are subject each time to being scrutinized by the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) which has the authority and volition to consider one’s application for entry. To this effect, it’s only Canadian citizens, permanent residents of Canada, and holders of a Canadian Immigrant Visa that may apply to enter permanently. This is to say that all others can only apply to enter temporarily if they hold a temporary resident visa (visitor visa), or are citizens or, in some cases, permanent residents of a country that is excused from the requirement to have a temporary resident visa. For instance, citizens of the United States and green card holders are free from obtaining a visitor visa.

The Canadian Border Services Agency officer at the port-of-entry is entitled to ask you some questions to determine if you are genuinely entering Canada for a temporary purpose, such as studying in Canada or a visit or holiday. You are required to answer these questions and you are required by law to be truthful. The officer, however, has a wide range of volition and if the officer determines that you are not a genuine visitor, your entry may be refuted.

However, if your purpose is genuinely temporary, then it is in your best interest to be truthful at such an examination. You must, therefore, bear in mind that the CBSA and immigration officers are very skillful at detecting untruthful responses and misrepresentations. Consequently, attempting to enter Canada by any means of misrepresentation is considered a criminal offense and you may be detained, charged, and/or deported from Canada.

Meanwhile, with our wide range of experiences in Immigration Law, we can explore with you the options available to apply for a study permit and visa.

Fill out your Canadian immigration forms safely and securely with our online process. All the information you need to complete your application is at your fingertips, and you are always in control.

Save Time
To achieve this, enter your details once, and an Immigrate Simply inputs them into all the required forms. You can access, edit and save your progress whenever and wherever you want.

Do It Right:
Filling out immigration forms is difficult. Immigrate Simply makes it easier by including current IRCC hints and directions with the onscreen questions to give you ready access to important information – information to help you avoid mistakes that could delay or spoil your plans to come to Canada.

Don’t Be Scared of The following:
When filling out the form, up to 33% of Visitor Visa applications to Canada are refused, often for simple errors.
30% to 50% of Study Permit applications are rejected each year.
So, do it right, and Immigrate Simply.

Hope this piece helps you. Get more information and updates in our subsequent publication.


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