Drama as Kogi Governor’s Policemen Stops EFCC from Arresting Ex-Gov Bello in Abuja

In a dramatic turn of events in Abuja, policemen attached to Kogi State Governor Usman Ododo reportedly intervened to prevent the arrest of former Governor Yahaya Bello by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

This confrontation occurred at Bello’s residence in the upscale Wuse area, where EFCC operatives had set up a blockade on Wednesday.

Governor Ododo, accompanied by heavy security, visited Bello amidst the standoff, highlighting the tension between state police forces and federal anti-corruption efforts. Sources within the EFCC expressed concerns that escalating the situation could lead to a violent clash, noting that additional police reinforcements were provided to Bello to thwart the arrest.

This incident comes shortly after Bello met with President Bola Tinubu, raising questions about the timing and motivations behind the EFCC’s actions. Bello is currently facing charges of financial fraud amounting to N84 billion, accusations that date back to his time before officially taking office in 2016.

The EFCC’s case against Bello includes allegations of diverting N80 billion in state funds in September 2015, alongside his nephew and other associates, all charged with money laundering and misappropriation of funds. Despite the serious charges, Bello has remained elusive, with the EFCC citing him as “still at large.”

In an interesting twist, the EFCC was able to track Bello to Abuja by monitoring the phone of one of his aides, revealing strategies used by Bello to avoid detection, including leaving his personal phone in Kogi.

The case has drawn criticism from the Kogi State government, which has dismissed the charges as “ridiculous” and accused the EFCC of political motives.


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