Details as Aguata LGA Launches First-Ever Di Ji Yam Competition

In a move to invigorate agricultural pursuits among its residents, the Aguata Local Government Area, under the leadership of the Transition Committee Chairman Dr. Chibueze Ofobuike, is set to host its first-ever Di Ji Competition in 2024.

This project aims to encourage residents of Aguata LGA to engage in farming, whether on a medium or small scale.

The competition, scheduled to conclude at the end of the current planting season, will take place at the Aguata LGA Secretariat. It is designed to reward the farmer who successfully grows the largest and heaviest yam from a single mound within the confines of Aguata LGA.

The grand prize for the heftiest yam is a substantial cash farming support of ₦500,000. Additional cash prizes of ₦300,000 and ₦200,000 will be awarded to the second and third-place participants, respectively. Other consolation prizes and rewards will also be distributed among participants.

For those interested in joining the competition, guidelines are detailed in the flyer attached.


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