Concerns as King Charles III Battles Deadly Ailment—Buckingham Palace

King Charles III has been reportedly diagnosed with cancer, raising different concerns about his health situation.

Buckingham Palace in a statement on Monday, 5th February 2024, disclosed that 75-year-old King Charles III is currently battling cancer.

The statement revealed that during a recent surgical procedure aimed at treating benign prostate enlargement, a different concern was observed, leading to further diagnostic evaluations which confirmed the presence of cancer.

However, the specific type of cancer and its stage have not been disclosed by Buckingham Palace.

This announcement follows the discharge of both Kate and King Charles from a private clinic in London last week, where they underwent separate medical procedures. The king had a surgical intervention for his prostate, while Kate, aged 42, underwent surgery for an abdominal condition on January 17, the details of which were not provided.

Following the diagnosis, King Charles has begun a series of ongoing treatments and also has been recommended by his medical team to delay engagements that involve public appearances.

King Charles took over the throne during a coronation ceremony in May last year, following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, in September 2022. Queen Elizabeth II was the longest-serving monarch in British history, having ruled for 70 years until her death at 96.

Kate is currently recuperating, but her spouse, Prince William, is expected to resume his royal responsibilities and will attend the Gala Dinner for London’s Air Ambulance Charity this Wednesday.


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