Breaking: Police Arrest Labour Party Chairman, Abure

The National Chairman of the Labour Party, Julius Abure, has been arrested by the Nigerian police in Benin City, Edo State.

The arrest was disclosed via viral videos and photos shared online, sparking widespread reactions.

The development is consequent upon a series of allegations against Abure, including accusations of violence and financial misconduct.

One among the notable indictments came from the Labour Party’s Youth Leader, who claimed Abure had committed violent acts against him.
Meanwhile, the party’s recently suspended National Treasurer, Oluchi Opara, has been vocal in demanding transparency in the party’s financial affairs.

Opara’s demands include a thorough audit of the party’s finances, particularly focusing on the handling of substantial funds raised through various means in 2023. She questioned the origins of N958 million raised from elections, over N3.5 billion from the sale of forms for the 2023 elections, and contributions from a US fundraising tour. Opara also called for clarity on the purchase of properties by Abure in Nigeria and overseas during 2022 and 2023, suggesting potential financial impropriety.

These allegations have led to internal strife within the Labour Party, culminating in Opara’s suspension.
However, she continues to push for accountability, urging Abure to submit to an independent audit and address the numerous questions surrounding his handling of the party’s finances.

Opara’s appeals highlight a broader call for integrity, transparency, and accountability within the Labour Party. She emphasizes the party’s foundational principles of justice, equality, and integrity, urging both party members and the Nigerian public to demand accountability from its leaders.


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