Breaking: [Photos] Israel Defense Forces Finally Take Down Hamas’ Strongest Hold, University of Terror

In one of the most gallantry display of world class military skills, the Israeli Defense Forces IDF have ultimately taken down the centre of the Hamas’ strongest hold popularly referred to as the university of terror.

The breakthrough is a sequel to a consistent effort to annihilate the adversary since the indelible October 7, 2023 attack on Israel.

Ever since the eruption of the war between Israel and Hamas, over 25, 000 people mostly children have been eliminated following a deadly retribution by the IDF.

Also hundreds of people from the either parties are still held hostage despite the clarion calls by the international community demanding an immediate ceasefire and the release of the captives.

Consequently, Israel has been accused of genocide in Gaza following several military operations ongoing in the various cities in Gaza, leading to an astronomical increase in death toll. The worrisom situation, is however compounded by the supports given to the warring Israel and Hamas by other countries who are either for or against any of them.

Israel is currently dragged by a group of legal practitioners from South Africa to the International Court of Justice ICJ over genocide in Gaza.

De Eridite Media had earlier reported that barely 72 hours after the crisis clocked 100 days of brutality and attempted annihilation, Hamas has launched over fifty rockets into the Southern Israeli city of Netivot’.

They launched the rockets from the location IDF soldiers left yesterday.

The development triggered further questions about the unpredictable end of the lingering crisis that has caused the low of over twenty-four thousand people.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Defense Forces IDF just revealed the successful taken down of the strongest hold of Hamas described as the University of Terror.


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