Breaking: Over 237 Vibrators Allegedly Recovered From Girls In NYSC Camp

No fewer than 237 modern tools for the treatment of depression and anxiety popularly known as vibrators were recovered from girls in the National Youth Service, NYSC orientation camp in Yikpata Kwara State.

The recovery of the tools was reportedly carried out during the usual inspections of potential members of the NYSC.

Consequently, there has been a series of mixed reactions questioning the rise in such development amongst young ladies in society.

Investigations by Erudite Media show that a lot of people don’t know what vibrators are all about. Research on health tips also reveals that more than 50% of ladies use a vibrator, and nearly 45% of men have used a vibrator during sex.

Although there is a lot to the said toy, such as whether are vibrators only good for masturbation, or can they make coupled sex more satisfying.

It could be recalled that the First Vibrator Was Invented to Treat Depression and Anxiety by an American physician, George Taylor in 1869. Taylor’s original device, a steam-powered vibrator, was designed to relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety in women, then known collectively as “hysteria.”

“Hysteria was treated by vulval or clitoral massage and vibration,” said Queen. would lay on a table, and a vibrating ball under their pelvis helped them orgasm. At the time, this was considered a medical treatment and not masturbation that lead to sexual satisfaction.4
There are many other tips about vibrators according to Health.


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