Atiku Speaks to PDP Lawmakers-elect, Admonishes Them Ahead of Tribunal’s Decision

The Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar, has told lawmakers-elect of the party to demonstrate readiness to govern as he described the party as a “government-in-waiting.”

The former vice president also admonished the lawmakers-elect that, while preparing for a possible role as the majority party when the cases before various election tribunals across the country are resolved, they should work as an effective and constructive opposition.

Atiku, who made the statement while speaking at a retreat organized for lawmakers-elect of the PDP in Bauchi State on Saturday, told the party members to remain hopeful as the resolution of the dispute at the presidential election petition tribunal was being awaited.

He said, “You’re representatives of the party and your constituents. Do not be tempted to abandon your party just because of a temporary setback. In the end, the truth and good shall triumph over falsehood and evil.

“Therefore, you must please remain resolute. Do not work in isolation from one another. You’re a team and should always work as a team to achieve meaningful results and also remain connected to your roots, your constituents, and other stakeholders.

“Based on the results announced by INEC and pending the determination of the electoral challenges in the court, our members-elect are not the majority in the National Assembly. So, for the time being, they have to prepare to work as an effective, constructive opposition while also preparing for a possible role as the majority party when the cases are resolved.”

Speaking further, Atiku said the role of the opposition was to hold the government and majority party to account, adding that in doing so, the lawmakers-elect must “demonstrate readiness to govern in the shortest possible time, a government-in-waiting, so to speak.”

He, however, advised the lawmakers-elect of the party to oppose any attempt by the ruling party to make the legislature a rubber stamp.

“Our democracy must endure; you can and you should help to make that happen. As you know, the PDP remains the only true political party that is owned by its members rather than by one or a handful of godfathers. No one member or group of members is bigger, better, or more important than the party in the PDP,” he said.


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