Atiku Calls for Transparency in Tinubu Administration’s Fuel Subsidy Policy

Former Vice President of Nigeria, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has urged President Bola Tinubu’s administration to be transparent regarding the issue of fuel subsidy removal.

Atiku, a former Peoples Democratic Party presidential candidate, expressed his concern on his X account on Wednesday, criticizing the government’s approach of paying subsidies while denying it publicly.

Atiku pointed out that the government’s claim of removing fuel subsidies in 2023 contradicts the reality of spending N3.6 trillion on subsidies during that period. He questioned the honesty of the administration’s stance, stating that Nigerians deserve clarity and honesty rather than deception.

Highlighting the inconsistency in the government’s narrative, Atiku referred to President Tinubu’s announcement during his inauguration in May 2023, where he declared the abolishment of fuel subsidy.
However, fuel queues and black market activities have since emerged, raising questions about the actual implementation of the subsidy policy and its impact on the economy.

Atiku emphasized the need for transparency in disclosing the details of the fuel subsidy regime, including the financial implications and benefits of the reform.
The former VP criticized the government for continuing to pay subsidies covertly while claiming otherwise, stressing that such practices only contribute to the country’s economic challenges.

He reiterated that Nigerians deserve better governance and transparency, urging the Tinubu administration to provide accurate information regarding the fuel subsidy policy and its financial implications on the nation.


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