40ft Container Crushes Car in Lagos

An articulated truck conveying a 40ft container on Monday fell on a Toyota car along the Cement bus stop inward Dopemu area of Lagos State.

It was gathered that the incident happened at about 4 pm on Monday.

There was, however, no casualty as no one was in the car when the accident happened.

The spokesperson of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority, Taofiq Adebayo, while confirming the incident said, it occurred as a result of brake failure.

He said, “The truck was moving inward Dopemu when its brake failed. The driver lost control in the process and later fell on a red Toyota Camry parked by the roadside. There was one in the car when it happened.”

Taofiq disclosed that the LASTMA General Manager, Bolaji Oreagba, recently had a meeting with the association of truck drivers where he told them to put their vehicles in good shape before embarking on any journey.



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