13yrs Old Boy Dies After Eating Cashew Fruits

It’s rather one of the superstitions of some sections of society that use every form of measure to protect and secure their belongings from being ripped off. Many communities in different states within the Southeastern part of Nigeria are not unfamiliar with such activity by some individuals who practice traditional religion and take every step toward it.

Nonetheless, the tales of people using charms to protect and secure their belongings such as livestock, cash crops, farms as well as properties are rarely recounted nowadays because the church has seemingly taken precedence over other forms of belief systems. It’s not to opine that other religions or belief systems no longer function but the church has suddenly become enclaves whereby even people who are not sincere disguise themselves to continue with their traditional belief practices.

Many of these people hide in the church to avoid the stigma associated with the categories of society who are assumed to be orchestrating evils because they practice traditional religion. But there are bad sides to some practices.

Meanwhile, most of them that joined the church nowadays still store charms at home and while others even move around with charms in their bags, pockets, waists, etc. Little wonder, society is filled with false prophets and men who are determined to make wealth in disguise.

The above views are regarding the various reactions of people over the practice of using charms to protect or secure one’s belongings which led to the incident reported below.

A young boy of thirteen years Chukwuebuka (real name withheld) has reportedly died after eating charmed cashew fruits.

The incident occurred in Uda village in Enugu-Ezike of Igbo Eze North Local Government Area, Enugu State.

Chukwuebuka reportedly became nauseous after eating the charmed cashew fruits. It was also gathered that the parents of Chukwuebuka made prompt reactions when they discovered that their son was dying as a result of the cashew fruits.

Consequently, they approached the owner of the cashew for an immediate solution, and a ram was requested to be used to appease the charm.

Although the ram was reportedly given to the man as demanded, Chukwuebuka still did not survive the ugly scenario.

The incident has triggered mixed reactions as concerned citizens air their unreserved views on the circumstances surrounding the demise of the boy.

This poses a question about whether the man would be held responsible for the murder of the boy or not.

Credit: Sen Chijinkem Ugwuanyi


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