Anambra State Teachers Recruitment: Updates on Schedules for Collection of Bonding Form by Successful Candidates, Others

Consequent to the updates, the schedules which specify one’s zones and dates are to be adhered to by the candidates to get the bonding form.

Photos: Mysterious Findings in Ogbunike, Igbo Land: One of the Most Beautiful Places for Global Tourisms

Ogbunike, a notable town in Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra State is one of the most popular towns in Igbo land endowed with myriad of natural phenomenal for sightseeing.

Zion Ministry: [Fresh Exposition] Impending Blackmail of Evang Ebuka Obi Sets to Shake Internet

“We shall advise him to keep silent and ignore these blackmailers who do this out of jealousy and Envy. When you don’t give them the attention they are looking for? They would naturally fade away.” The Group Urder…

[Video] When Igbo Girls Still Go Without Dress: St. Monica’s School, Ogbunike, Anambra State, 1935 Creme La de Creme of Female Elite

The archival discovery reflects when most girls in Igboland were going naked. It was the Vogue of marriage at puberty