Vigilante arrests gunmen terrorizing Anambra community

The vigilante operatives of the town have detained some of the gunmen terrorising the Okija community in the Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State.

During the height of Anambra State’s insecurity, Okija was among the Anambra communities where hoodlums known as unknown gunmen ran camps in the bushes where they kept kidnap victims.

The community recently appointed a former state chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Kenneth Emeakayi, as the community’s vigilante services coordinator.

Emeakayi told journalists at the weekend that his group has dislodged many of the criminals operating in the area, most of whom have confessed to many of the heinous crimes in the community.

The arrested criminals were seen admitting to the recent invasion of the home of a prominent native of the town, Chief Ossy Ndiogulu, during which they stole more than 100 pump action guns purchased for the town’s vigilante group and some cars, in videos clips sent to journalists by the head of the vigilante services. The attacks on the palace of Okija’s traditional ruler, Igwe Okezie, and the attack in the palace of the traditional ruler’s attackers were both carried out

Emeakhayi said: “They have also confessed to being responsible for the kidnapping and daylight shootings in parts of the town.

“We have decided that kidnapping and armed robbery must not take place in this town again and we are prepared to ensure the security of lives and property.

“We are therefore determined to rescue Okija from the hands of the hoodlums and halt the situation that had led to the collapse of businesses in our once peaceful town.

“Henceforth, the sale of hard drugs of all types, including mkpurumiri, has been banned in all the 30 villages in Okija.”

He also proclaimed that cult activities that had contributed to scaring people out of the area would no longer be tolerated.

Okija, a town in the outskirts of the state, which shares a border with Imo State, is host to Madonna and Legacy universities, two highly populated institutions.

The town also hosts the renowned Obijackson Hospital, which attracts medical tourists from outside the state and Nigeria.

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