Sisters allegedly impregnated by mechanic welcome babies in Lagos

Two sisters have welcomed babies after they were allegedly impregnated by a mechanic identified a Nduka Anyanmu in Lagos State.

Recall that the sisters were 17 and 13 as of 2020, when they were allegedly impregnated by Anyanwu.

This was revealed during proceedings at Domestic Violence and Sexual Offences Court, Ikeja, Lagos State, where the defendant was arraigned on Tuesday.

Anyanwu while narrating his side of the story said the elder sister was given to him to marry by their father, Christian Onyere, who had learnt of his plans to travel abroad.

“Christian Bob Onyere came to me for help while I was processing papers to travel. He then told me to marry his daughter so that when I finally travel out, I will come back to take his family with me,” he said.

Anyanwu, who admitted to having sex with the elder sister who was living with him, said he learnt of her pregnancy when her parents told him to meet them at a hospital.

According to him, it was at the hospital that he also learnt of the younger sister’s pregnancy.

“After showing me a pregnancy test, they said they were going to have me arrested. I asked why. They said the other daughter was also pregnant,” he added.

He lamented that he had complained to their parents about their movement with some boys in his neighbourhood.

He said, “There was something I discovered when those girls started coming to my house. Some boys used to visit them to the extent that I was not comfortable with it. Their brother told me that some boys used to come and pick them up with a tricycle. So, I had to report to their father.”

During cross-examination, the prosecuting counsel, Abimbola Abolade, reminded the defendant that the first victim told the court that he only asked for her hand in marriage after she reported him to her parents that he was having sexual intercourse with her.

This was objected to by the defence counsel, which was sustained by Justice I.A. Soladoye.

The prosecuting counsel then asked if Anyanwu was aware that the sisters had welcomed babies since they got pregnant, to which he responded in the affirmative.

The case was adjourned till November 23, 2022, for further hearing.

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