Sexworker, client die as building collapses on them in Lagos

Some emergency officials have revealed more details on some of the victims of the building which collapsed in Lagos on Friday September 23.

Recall that a house located at 2/4 Oye Sonuga Street, Palm Avenue, Mushin, caved in on Friday, killing four persons.

Some emergency officials while addressing newsmen revealed that two of the victims, a male and female, were having sex when the incident occurred.

An official said;

“In fact they were naked when their bodies were recovered.”

Another official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to talk to the press, said;

“We were shocked by what we saw at the scene. The last two victims whose dead bodies were recovered were actually having having sexual intercourse. The man was on top of the prostitute when the building collapsed. They both died.”

Another official revealed that the building which collapsed is a motel and the female victims were actually prostitutes.

He said;

“The place was used as a Club House/Motel and the female victims were actually prostitutes; the last female we recovered was with a man. They were having a nice time when we recovered them.”

A source added;

“We have to reach out to their colleagues there who are all prostitutes to get information on the victims’ families.”


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