SENATORIAL TUSSLE: Again, Onyendozi Media Kicks As Chief Victor Umeh Employs Cheap Propaganda Against Hon Dozie Nwankwo

In a lingering media war between Chief Victor Umeh and Hon Ferdinand Dozie Nwankwo, the media team of the latter has kicked against the position of the former, while describing the unfolding events differently.

In a piece entitled “VICTOR UMEH AND HIS FIREHOSE OF FALSEHOOD AND PROPAGANDA”, released by Onyendozi’s media team revealed a series of questions and concerns below:

“Since Victor Umeh lost the Senatorial primary election of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, to Hon. Dozie Nwankwo, adjudged as the freest and fairest election, all hell has been let loose.

Hon. Nwankwo’s ‘unforgivable’ sin, was even attempting to contest the primary election against the almighty Victor umeh, who despite been the immediate national chairman of APGA, was also the immediate past Senator of Anambra Central. His disgraceful defeat was therefore, a pill too bitter to swallow and it wasn’t surprising to see him unleash his hallelujah boys on an attacking spray on the personality of Hon. Dozie Nwankwo, who has been enjoying an astronomical support of ndi Anambra Central, ever since.

In shame, Umeh has left APGA and team up with Labour Party, and a prove of his desperation was seeing him follow sheepishly, a Peter Obi, the same man he and his never-do-well e-rats, had so vilified and called all manners of unprintable names in the recent past.

The desperation of Victor Umeh is legendary and it became necessary to give this background fact, to enable us paint a vivid picture to the general public of the ugly incident instigated by Uche Ekwunife and her political thugs at Igu Aro Festival in Enugwu-Ukwu, yesterday, and the unpalatable narrative, now pushed by him, and his drowning despicable media urchins.

For a fact, it is no longer in contest, with few weeks to the general election, that Hon. Dozie Nwankwo, Onyendozi, has become the consensus candidate of ndi Anambra Central. It is the reality of this fact, that has heightened the desperation of Victor Umeh and Uche Ekwunife, whose imminent defeat at poll have continued to give them sleepless nights andare no longer comfortable with the increasingly looming prospect of Onyendozi’s inevitable victory.

Onyendozi is well respected in his hometown of Enugwu-Ugwu, he has the unfettered support of his people and therefore, it wasn’t surprising when he arrived the venue of Igu Aro festival, to a thunderous applause and reception.

The public cheers became that spark that ignited and infuriated Uche Ekwunife and her political thugs, who in their usual fiercely manner attacked the peaceful supporters of Onyendozi, with the intention of pinning the disruption on Onyendozi and probably reduce his soaring popularity. But such plan was nipped in the bud, and the perpetrators caught and dealt with, as seen in the video in circulation.

Umeh, today, with his firehose of falsehood and mechanisation peddled by his media maruaders, knows he’s no longer enjoys the people support. He has been demystified with his wings clipped and one hallucination he should wake up from, his the fact that Obi’s presidential aspiration won’t save his heavy defeat at the poll.

What Umeh doesn’t know or fail to accept is that ndi Anambra Central are aware of his past opprobrium against Peter Obi and is waiting for him at the poll, to finally retire him politically.

Onyendozi is a peace-loving legislator and has built an army of supporters that are peace-loving and are only concerned about the progress of Anambra Central. Therefore, the general public, most especially the good people of Anambra Central, should disregard the desperation of Umeh and his hallelujah boys, who are sinking and hoping to instigate against a working legislator who is in the hearts of the people.

Finally, to be clear, in the forthcoming general elections, Anambra Central is faced with a choice to embrace the darkness in the form of such desperados whose idea of a working lawmaker, channels public funds to the private greedy pockets, and Rt Hon Ferdinand Dozie Nwankwo whose visible track record of service delivery, is felt by all.



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