Pregnancy Saga: Apostle Chibuzor Intervenes As University Expels OPM’s Overseas Scholarship Student

One of the Omega Power Ministry’s Overseas Scholarship students, Onume (Mrs.) has allegedly been expelled from the University.

Onume was among the 140 students that travelled recently on OPM Overseas Scholarship Scheme.
She was reportedly pregnant before the trip without her knowledge.

According to reports by the General Overseer of the Omega Power Ministry worldwide, Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere, it was few days later that Onume started to exhibit signs of pregnancy.

Consequent to the development, the University authority conducted a series of tests on her and discovered that she is pregnant.

Meanwhile, Onume when interviewed was confirmed by the University authority to be single which resulted in her immediate expulsion from the University.

To maintain his kind gestures and integrity, the OPM’s Daddy G.O. Apostle Chibuzor has intervened in her matter after she returned to the country on the 24th of January, 2023.

Apostle Chibuzor who reportedly carried investigation into the matter, sponsored Onume’s marriage, after the man that impregnated her affirmed that he is interested in getting married to her but lacks the money to sponsor the marriage.

Sequel to the marriage, Apostle Chibuzor approached the University to reinstate now Mrs. Onume, which the institution obliged.

Details of Apostle Chinyere’s statement: “24 January 2023 Onume was among the 140 students that travelled on OPM overseas university scholarship.
Few days later she started exhibiting signs of pregnancy.
“So the university authorities had to run some few test on her only to discover she was 3 months pregnant and she is single. That’s means she was already pregnant in Nigeria before traveling.
The university in other to maintain it high level of morality, expelled her.
When she came back to Nigeria, Apostle Chibuzor called her and asked her to come with the man responsible for her pregnancy.
After interviewing both, it was found out that they have been dating for some years.
And the young man said he is interested in marrying, but he has No money. Poverty is wicked.
So Apostle Chibuzor released money and gave him 7 days to do her traditional marriage and blessing of marriage, because as she is pregnant she can not do white wedding.

Traditional marriage has been done 3 days ago as the OPM welfare team traveled with him and today 6 February 2023 marriage blessing was done at OPM.
The question is why did Apostle chibuzor OPM make such decisions


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