Planning to travel for Christmas? Here are safety measures.

Good for seasons like Christmas to always come when we celebrate the nativity of Jesus Christ as we celebrate, don’t finish your savings as January will always come, Remember, you are renewing your rent, you are paying for school fees and lots more.

  • I decided to write this measures out so that we can always have them in mind as you embark on your trip for Christmas.
  • Go to park for loading: We all know that we are used to entering vehicles on road side instead of park. This festive period, ensure you enter the park for your cab. With the recent increase in the rate of kidnapping and abduction going on in this country,we should always be careful of the vehicle you board.
  • Be conscious and security vigilant: Security of lives and properties is our individual responsibility we should always be at alert and report any security challenge to the police by using the emergency code 112 for prompt response.
  • Avoid overspending: When you enter a bus or you are the driver, ensure you don’t overspeed. Drive to live. You shouldn’t exceed 100km/hr while driving.
  • Ensure you eat good food to avoid food poisoning and lastly always stay safe. Stay away from gathering and always be on your face mask. Always wash your hands with soap and water.

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