PHOTOS: Enugu State Govt Demolishes Popular Market in Nsukka

The Enugu State Government has begun the proposed construction of an ultramodern park on the former site of the popular Ogige Market in Nsukka Local Government Area.

This initiative follows a directive for traders and business owners to vacate the market to facilitate the new development.

The demolition impacted several areas, including the old park, all phone accessories sections, Peace Mass Transit Plaza, and structures from Line A to E, down to Alu Udele junction. These areas, now cleared, were marked for the construction project.

The government’s action has sparked mixed reactions among the local populace. While some welcome the development, others have expressed concerns over the disruption caused.

In response to these concerns, the state government has reportedly compensated traders whose shops and stalls were affected by the demolition. This compensation aims to mitigate the financial impact on those displaced.

The construction of the ultramodern park is part of a broader effort by the Enugu State Government to enhance infrastructure and urban development in the region.


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