NPFL: Chidera Eze of Rangers FC promised fans “great performance”, other matters

Rangers International’s Chidera Ize promised to give the club’s fans something positive to smile about at home when the Nigerian Football League (NPFL) resumes.

Ize announced this to reporters in Enugu on Thursday, saying his return to the club after two and a half seasons would be insignificant.

In his words to fans using, he says: “It’s great to be back at the club, I’m happy and happy to meet the club that gave me the base. It hasn’t been an easy journey to play for others clubs in the Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL), but by the grace of God, I am back safe and sound.

“I will do everything in my power for Rangers to continue the league, the Eteo Cup title and crown it all with a continental ticket.

“Well, it all depends on God, but the players and my personal goal is to have something tangible next season.

A lot has changed at the club, starting with the coaching staff and the players, but I have no doubts about his abilities.

Izzy said the players the club recruited are good and bright, noting that the coach himself has been a force to be reckoned with in the NFL.

He said he gained a lot of experience during his extensive tours of the league, and described the Rangers as a household name in the league.

“Rangers are a team known all over the world, a team that Igbo people are very proud of and with a lot of positive history.

“I have also played for Gombe United and Shooting Stars, but the Stars are a great team in the west of the country with a rich history.

“It’s an unforgettable journey for me to go through the clubs, but I don’t think twice about going back to Rangers FC.

“When I got a call from Rangers I was happy but I thought it was just a joke until I got a call from the club management to go home,” he said.

Izzy said that he would give anything to win over the club’s fans and promised to make them smile with his performance.

“I love the Rangers, the football fans, and I know they love me, and I think this new marriage will be fruitful,” Izzy said.

Better NPFL Games

Similarly, Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) President Ibrahim Gusau said the recently launched Interim Management Committee (IMC) of the Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL) should improve competition.

Gusau, who opened IMC, said he needed to give management and management integrity, credibility and a steady hand to improve things.

The head of the NFF, which launched the IMC on Friday at the Federation secretariat in Abuja, cited the lack of television coverage as one of the main obstacles to the Elite League.

“There is a lot of work to be done in this committee, made up of respected and respected figures in Nigerian football, people of real heritage and ability to effect change.

“One of the changes has to be to ensure that our league is back on television and that there is a lot of integrity and credibility in the way it is run.

“I have great confidence in the President and the members of the Commission, and they will justify the confidence that the government and people of Nigeria place in them.”

Gusau then handed the chairman, Gbenga Elegbeleye, the mandate of the commission whose mandate was to expire after three months.

During the response, Elegbeeye thanked the chairman of the NFF and his executive board for the trust they had in the committee.

He stressed that the IMC will do its best during the three-month period to establish the basic components that the Jawhari team will improve to renew, improve and improve the NPFL.

“Of course we have a lot of problems in the league. We have management problems, lack of television and many other setbacks.

“Our job will be to do a lot to solve these problems in the short time we have, and we also call on the media to ensure credibility in their coverage of the competition,” said Eligbeli, former general manager of the former National Sports Commission. . (National Security Council), he said.

The Nigerian News Agency (NAN) reported that Elegbeleye, who was also deputy chairman of the House Youth and Sports Development Committee, was sworn in along with 13 others.

Others include Paul Pacey, president of Aqua United Football Club, as vice president, and Davidson Oome, president of Rangers International Football Club, as chief operating officer.

The other members are Conley Sonam, owner of the Remo Stars club, former international Daniel Amokachi, Calvin Onoka, Aliu Adamu, representative of the Nigerian Police, Danladi Ibrahim and Mohamed Saidu.

There is also a Bonbini Ogun, Owolowo Jada, with Olumide Bamidoro as Secretary and Ayo Abdirahman as Deputy Minister.

NAN indicates that the IMC, in its terms of reference, is expected to present a process to change the name of the NPFL with fair purpose, transparency and accountability.

This is intended to help create a stimulating environment that ensures the inherent benefits of a business community are maximised.

The committee also advises on the legal framework that will attract sponsorship opportunities from accredited institutions that will make the competition a sustainable and viable brand.

IMC also plans to develop modalities to commercialize the TV transmission rights that will represent the highest profit and loss value for the national competition.

It is also planned to restart the NPFL and develop a 2022/2023 calendar in line with global best practices to achieve the desired goals.

In this regard, the committee must ensure that all Premier League clubs have adequate gaming and television infrastructure, in line with CAF standards.

Is to ensure that the competition on television to improve the evaluation and transparency.

In addition, the IMC must urgently prepare a checklist of tools and activities and determine the appropriate timeframes within which they will be achieved.

This will be with the aim of obtaining some kind of professionalism in the competition.

The IMC must also establish a legal framework and modalities for a permanent body to properly manage competition.

The committee will also review the Club Licensing Regulations in accordance with the FIFA Club Licensing Regulations, integrating the legal, administrative and financial systems.

This must be done together with the creation of a structure that guarantees the basic requirements for the granting of licenses to the clubs.

This strict commitment to player welfare is expected to be guaranteed by the club’s owners, in terms of player salaries, contract terms and approved insurance plans.

The IMC is also expected to review the frameworks on a regular basis to ensure compliance and fair and trustworthy management.

Additionally, disciplinary action for riots should be assessed to prevent riots from being committed by fans and teams.

The NAN reported that the federal government, through the Federal Ministry for Youth Development and Sport, declared in September that the defunct League Management Company (LMC) was illegal.

It ordered the NFF to revoke the operating license granted to the LMC, with a subsequent decision requiring the IMC to be launched under specific conditions.

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