Nigeria now ranked 2nd most terrorized country after Iraq

Nigeria is the second most terrorised and attacked nation in the world, after Iraq and Syria, according to a report by the international research and analysis organisation Jihad Analytics (JA).

In its report published on Friday, the research organisation that specialises in compiling information on terrorist activities around the world revealed that in its half-year findings between January and June 2022, Nigeria recorded 305 attacks, Iraq recorded 337 attacks to take the top spot, and Syria had 142 attacks to come in third.

The majority of the attacks were attributed to the Boko Haram/ISWAP terrorist group, according to the JA report, which noted that it relied on global and cyber open-source intelligence and data.

The damning report came even as the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari has consistently reiterated its resolve to tackle insecurity in the country and wipe out insurgency.

The presidency, on several occasions, had told Nigerians how the government had decimated, degraded and checkmated terrorists in different parts of the country.

It also came at a time the Nigerian government claimed to have spent over N11 trillion as security budget since coming into office in 2015, which included the acquisition of several Tucano fighter jets to fight the terrorists to a standstill.

A breakdown of yearly budgetary allocations to the Ministry of Defence revealed that in 2015, security got a total budget of N626.39 billion.

In 2016, the allocation rose to N978.72bn in 2016, N1.12tn in 2017, N1.26tn by 2018, N1.33tn in 2019, N1.71tn in 2020, and N1.87tn in 2021, while in 2022, the budgetary allocation was icreased to N2.27tn, which was an increase of 262.39 per cent from the initial allocation in 2015.

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