Nigeria Catholic Church: Transgender Dies Few Days Before Their White Wedding

It would have been another braggadocio of a deep show of mockery and rubbing the face of the orthodox church with mud when some member Emmanuel Adaolisa suspected to be a transgender attempted to wed in the Catholic Church in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

In a viral post on the social media, Emmanuel Adaolisa was reportedly said to have relocated to Port Harcourt, Rivers State, where he started to disguise as a woman and joined the Catholic Church.

Adaolisa was known for his melodious soprano voice, which attracted a lot of attention to his personality. Not until the incident, Adaolisa was devoted to the Church’s activities, always wearing heavy embroidery and makeup.

According to the statement by one of the parishioners making around social media, “What would have been the headline on Nigerian Newspapers?

It read in part:
“Nigerian Catholic weds first Catholic Transgender couple.
“God is not mocked.
“Wonders they say shall never end, A man who deceived a Catholic church to be a woman dies few days to his wedding

“Until his death last night, he was widely known as a woman. Born as a man, he relocated to PH where no one could trace his Identity and lived as a woman
“He loved music and joined a choir in a Catholic Church parish (name withheld). Everyone at the parish knew him as Emmanuela Adaolisa (Ella)a lady who is devoted to God and a lead singer

“Olisa met his gay partner and wedding preparations kicked off, traditional marriage was already done, while the Church wedding about to take place in a few days
“Meanwhile unknowingly to the church he was a man (Emmanuel Nwaolisa)

“As luck may have it, the church was on a 21-day prayer and fast which ended yesterday and the priest made a declaration

“That anybody planning to disgrace the church will die”
On hearing this, he stormed out of the church and was hit by Keke which led to his instant death

“His body was taken to the morgue and that was when the morgue attendant discovered that he was a man

“GOD cannot be mocked.”


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