Moral Decadence: See What Students Do In School Library That Attracts Increment of Tuition Fees

The goal of every student at a higher institution is to graduate from their studies and get certified in character and learning by the management of the institution. It’s therefore, become a matter of concern about how a lot of students who are from different higher institutions have been derailed by their ways of doing things that are not morally acceptable, especially institutions.

It’s inarguably true that society is being overwhelmed by the various activities of the 21st Century due to the advance in technological development that birthed a turnaround in various sectors including the academic, religious, and otherwise. This, however, does not stop one from living their choice of life.
Regardless of some worrisome effects of masturbation such as moral decay and addiction, there are surges in the numbers of people, especially in higher institutions that are involved in the act.
Consequently, the University of Liverpool has raised the alarm over the excessive stain of semen on the floor of the school library.

According to a release from the University’s management, the institution spends thousands of pounds to clean the floors, while warning those involved in the act to desist from it or do it in their houses rather than in the university library.

It further warned that it is the students that would bear the brunt of the action as their tuition fees would be increased to meet the expenses of cleaning up the stained library.

Read the attached document below:


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