Ministry of Works Under Babatunde Fashola Accused of Inflating Road Contract Costs – Contractor Alleges

During a heated session at the House of Representatives Ad-hoc Committee investigative hearing on Thursday, DC Engineering Limited accused officials from the Federal Ministry of Works, under the leadership of former Minister Babatunde Fashola, of inflating a road contract from N9.8 billion to N54.3 billion.

The contract in question involved the construction and rehabilitation of the 41-kilometre Ijebu-Igbo-Ita-Ibadan Road, which had been halted for over five years.
This delay led to significant concerns, prompting Speaker Tajudeen Abbas to establish an Ad-hoc Committee.

The Executive Director of DC Engineering Ltd, Engr. Ade Adedeji, summoned by Committee Chairman Hon. Kwamoti Bitrus Laori, revealed that the contract was originally intended to be completed within two years.

However, the Federal Ministry of Works took five years, 2018 to 2023 to pay 15 percent of the mobilisation fund, amounting to N1.3 billion.

Meanwhile, armed with documents, including the letter of the award of contract, Engr. Adedeji alleged that the inflated contract amount created a funding challenge for the Federal Government, as reported by PM News Nigeria.

“The slow pace of work was due to lack of release of funds,” he added.

Credit: Native Reporters.


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