Livestock will no longer be a source of acrimony in Nigeria, says Shehu Sani

  • President Bola Tinubu on Tuesday created the ministry of livestock development.
  • Sani said there would be no more territorial conflict with the new ministry.

Shehu Sani, a former senator who represented Kaduna central, says livestock will no longer be a source of acrimony and conflict in Nigeria.

Sani’s reaction comes on the heels of President Bola Tinubu’s announcement to create ministry of livestock development.

In a post on his official X page, Sani described the creation of the ministry of livestock development as a ‘good idea.’

On Tuesday, Tinubu established the ministry of livestock development during the inauguration of the presidential committee on livestock reforms.

The president had said the minister for the ministry will be announced soon.

The former Kaduna senator said livestock can now be factored into the country’s economic growth.

“Federal Ministry of Livestock Development is a good idea,” Sani wrote.

“Livestock can now factor into the economic growth of the country instead of being a source of acrimony and territorial conflict.”

In 2023, the president approved the establishment of the presidential committee to address herders and farmers’ clashes and bolster livestock and dairy industries.

Tinubu set up the committee after receiving a report from the National Conference on Livestock Reforms and Mitigation of Associated Conflicts in Nigeria.

The committee gave the president 21 recommendations, including creating a ministry of livestock resources.

Tinubu said the committee would work with the federal ministry of agriculture and food security to come up with lasting solutions to the age-long crisis between farmers and herders, while ensuring the security and economic well-being of all Nigerians.

Following the approval, Tinubu said the federal government is fully prepared to cover the cost of acquiring the land to ensure the co-existence between herders and farmers.

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