Lawmakers Threaten To Arrest Management Of Dangote Cement Over Price Hike, Failure To Appear Before House

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The House of Representatives Joint Committee on the Arbitrary Increase in the Price of Cement, on Tuesday, issued a stern warning to the management of Dangote Cement.

The warning came after the company’s officials failed to appear at a parliamentary hearing aimed at addressing the escalating cost of cement in the country.

During the committee’s recent session on Tuesday, it was noted with concern that representatives from Dangote Cement, one of the leading manufacturers in the nation, were conspicuously absent.

This absence was met with disapproval by the committee, which is investigating the reasons behind the recent spikes in cement prices that have burdened many Nigerian consumers.

The Joint Committee, expressing its frustration, has now threatened to issue arrest warrants against the management of Dangote Cement if they fail to make an appearance at the next scheduled hearing.

In addition to summoning Dangote Cement, the committee has also called upon the Cement Manufacturers Association of Nigeria and representatives from the Central Bank of Nigeria.

These stakeholders are expected to discuss and help devise strategies to mitigate the impact of high cement prices.

The statement read, “They want to over-profit without any sense of empathy for the citizens that have given it this platform. I think it calls for a rethink of the position of the government.

“On Dangote my ruling is simple. The laws have given us the necessary powers but we owe you a duty of care. We are going to give you one more chance. We are going to communicate a date.

“Failure to comply with that date, a subpoena will be issued, a warrant of arrest will be given for you to cause appearance before the National Assembly, and no single individual is bigger than the parliament of his country.

“No single Nigerian is bigger than the National Assembly.”

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