Latest: Igbo Should Focus on 2023 Presidency not Joining Force with Nnamdi Kanu

Nigeria would be a better place if an Igbo president is elected in 2023.

We all know since Nigeria got their independent from the british rule, an Igbo man have never become the president of Nigeria, and I think with this opportunity Nigeria would be turned around. Here are the two reasons why Igbo’s should forget Biafra and focus on Igbo Presidency 2023.

  1. All the social crisis’s going on in Nigeria, that’s the bombing of places by the Boko Haram, killing of people by the Fulani herdsmen and other things, an Igbo man will put an end to this crisis’s in Nigeria.
  2. If an Igbo man is allowed to emerge as the president of Nigeria for the first time in 2023, he might do something marvellous that the world might never imagine and that is giving the Igbo’s the freedom they have always wanted.

Igbo’s should focus on the 2023 presidency for the betterment of themselves.

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