Keyamo tells Christians to emulate Tinubu, says he’s similar to Jesus Christ

Festus Keyamo, the spokesman for the APC presidential campaign has drawn a comparison between his principal Bola Tinubu and Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity.

In a tweet in the early hours of Saturday, Keyamo, the Minister of State for Labour and Employment, said the APC presidential candidate possesses “Christ-like quality” to forgive those who have wronged him in the past.

“The ability of @officialABAT to easily forgive those who’ve betrayed him continues to inspire millions of Nigerians,” Mr Keyamo said. “This is a special Christ-like quality and it’s a reflection of the type of tolerant President he would be. Many shepherds of the faith might do well to emulate him.”

The controversial tweet drew the ire of many netizens as they deemed the comparison of an holy and exemplary character like Jesus to the deeply sullied Lagos politician as abominable and insulting to the body of christ.

A commenter on Twitter, @Ifemanima, said, “Ah! Christlike? Festus O ti ya werey o. Did you just compare Tinubu to Jesus Christ? Well, Jesus does not send Agberos out to oppress poor Nigerians who are clearly below the poverty line.”

“1 John says, Beloved, test every spirit if they are of God because not everyone that use the name of Jesus Christ is of God. It is very insulting to allude our LORD Jesus Christ’ character to that of a Man who is willing to take down anyone against his greed,” @Thelaniyan, another Twitter user reckoned.

Keyamo, who has gained notoriety for courting controversy and making outlandish and offensive claims in favour of principal, earrlier in the month, he suggested that Nigerians insisting that Mr Tinubu should provide his academic certificates, which he claims are missing, are mad.

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