Kano Residents In Fear As Armed Hoodlums Camp At Emir’s Palace

"We Have Done Nothing Wrong" - Bichi Emirate Stakeholders Send Message To Kano Government

Residents of Rano town in Kano State have expressed serious concerns over the safety of their community following the unexpected arrival of armed individuals at the local emirate’s headquarters this past Sunday.

According to a letter addressed to the Kano State Police Commissioner, armed groups have been stationed within the compounds of the Main Palace and the historic Tsohon Gari Palace since July 7, 2024.

The residents described the scenario as an invasion, pointing out that the presence of these armed individuals poses a significant threat to the security of lives and property in the area.

The letter underscores a breach of the June 20, 2024, directive from the Commissioner of Police, which banned all non-state actors from providing security services in the state.

The letter further reads, “The intrusion of these arms-carrying individuals not only threatens peace but also disrespects the established directives aimed at maintaining order in the state.

“It said over the years, the Rano emirate has experienced uninterrupted peace, and security agencies can testify to this.

“The recent emirates tussle in Kano State, however, had brought about a lot of tension and discontent to the residents, as many felt that their opinions, as stakeholders, were not respected, the letter stated.

“This is connected to the fact that public hearings were not conducted throughout the State to establish whether there was a need to dissolve the four additional emirates (Rano, Gaya, Karaye, and Bichi) upgraded by the administration of Dr Abdullahi Ganduje in the state.

“Even with the above development, the residents of Rano emirate were able to control their emotions and acted within the confine of the law, as only legitimate peaceful demonstrations were carried out.’’

“The people exercised restraint because they believe in the judiciary since the Emirates case was before a competent court of justice.

“The good people of Rano emirate, as usual, had opted to respect the court’s order issued by the Federal High Court Kano on the case, which we believed is a constitutional duty of all citizens.”

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