“It Will Happen” – Joshua Raises Hope On All-British Matchup Against Fury

"It Will Happen"-Joshua Raise Hopes On All-British Matchup Against Fury

British-Nigerian boxer, Anthony Joshua, is confident that Tyson Fury and the eagerly anticipated all-British matchup will happen.

Two significant fight negotiations between the two have dragged and fallen since 2021, most recently in October. Naija News recalls that Joshua and Fury penned a contract to face each other in 2022 with the first match to take place on August 14 in Saudi Arabia. Not long, the agreement ended in the basket when an official announcement rang in by a Judge that Deontay Wilder was entitled to a third fight with Tyson Fury. However, this led Joshua to take on the Ukrainian Oleksandr, a matchup he lost and which may have ended his chances of facing Fury. "It Will Happen"-Joshua Raise Hopes On All-British Matchup Against Fury Usyk declared his retirement from boxing after three matches and would not be fighting again this year, so Fury gave Joshua a chance to challenge for his WBC title. The initial discussions seemed to be going well, but after Fury set several deadlines, communication broke down. Last month, it appeared that the British bout would happen when Joshua and Fury entered a negotiation to lock horns in December. Joshua is optimistic and confident that the fight will take place despite all of the difficulties in making it happen. While speaking to DAZN, he said, “It will happen. It will happen though. (The) same generation,”  “Aside from the entertainment side, just as two competitors, two fighters, he’s definitely a fighting man and what people fail to realise – like they say ‘the social media stuff is annoying’ but culturally speaking from Tyson Fury’s culture, the Gypsy culture. You’ve watched the documentaries on Netflix and stuff it’s embedded in his culture. “What we see is ‘why is he on social media’ I know from growing up and being around that community as well, so I know that’s just how they call out fights and stuff, it’s nothing personal but from my culture, we don’t really deal with stuff like that we’re a bit more lowkey and handle our business so that’s where there’s a culture clash,” said Joshua.

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