Have you booked a space in the Erudite Magazine (2nd Edition) to be released soon?

On Friday 2nd October, 2020 the MD of De Erudite Communications and Multimedia Services, the publisher’s of De Erudite Magazine visited the MD EPO Oil and Gas Limited on courtesy call and business development.

The MD of De Erudite Communications handed over some copies of the 2019/2020 edition of De Erudite Magazine to the MD EPO Oil and Gas Limited and his friend.

Other business development deals were reached including featuring the EPO Oil and Gas businesses in our 2020/2021 magazine (2nd Edition) and to provide media services to the company.

What are you still waiting for? Call us today to promote your business, events, image (including interviews, documentaries, image promotion, sponsored articles, etc) in this 2020/2021 edition of our magazine coming soon and using our blog and other social media channels.

Also call to get the copy of our 1st Edition.

Contact us today on 07088960252 or send an email to: deruditemagazine@gmail.com


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