Ebonyi State University Scandal: Woman’s Alarming Allegations Shake Social Media

In a shocking revelation, an unidentified woman has set social media ablaze with explosive allegations against Ebonyi State University.

Her claims have triggered a storm of mixed reactions, thrusting the institution into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

The woman’s disturbing accusations suggest a pattern of systemic abuse and student frustration at the university, leading to drastic consequences including students dropping out or, tragically, taking their own lives.

Consequently, her testimony has struck a chord with many netizens, fueling a heated online debate.

She pointed to the death of a student a few months ago, allegedly driven to suicide by relentless pressure from a male lecturer. Her stark warning to parents is unequivocal: do not send your children to Ebonyi State University.

“I am not making this video for clout. I am ready to answer the school if they invite me. Most lecturers at Ebonyi State University will frustrate you and keep failing you if you refuse to sleep with them. At one point, I wanted to take my own life. I know some girls who have spent 8 to 10 years in school because they refused to sleep with a particular lecturer,” she asserted.

Recalling the voice note of a young woman who recently committed suicide at the school, she expressed a harrowing sense of empathy. “When I listened to the voice note from the young girl who recently took her life at the school, I knew that everything she said was true. I once felt the same way. So, if you care about your loved ones, don’t allow them to attend school there,” she concluded.

The allegations have sparked a fierce reaction from the public, with many demanding an immediate investigation.

The university is yet to respond, but the gravity of the accusations will likely prompt urgent scrutiny and action.

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