Democracy system: A sine qua non for an effective change in Government

The power of the masses is low.

Who the crowd echoes run the races and become the topic of the day until the news has spread and becomes melodies in every masses mouth.

Masses are a large number of people or objects crowded together. Power belongs to the masses, not in a single person. When the crowd volumes sound the people are in the spirit of oneness and cohesion.
In west Africa, where they have the highest population of hungry masses due to the inadequate enabling environment which our government lack to create in the societies.

The more the population of a country the more the highest number they become and the more the forces are strong and they become a pressure to any unlawful institutions or government.

But masses are neglected to the abyss of rustic life. Painted them to the dethroning areas of a slum.
The masses are ignorant of the forces they have. They lack knowledge, without them during elections or campaign power cannot bestow to a new government.

Where there is a large population, politicians are hungrier to tread.
Wherever there is an ignorant masses, you will see a flag of an ignorant leader fluctuating with glory.
Let us say No to any ignorant mindset leader and inculcate the spirit of knowledge to act. “The masses are asses” according to Alexander Hamilton’s poem. Explain that the masses have the power but they cannot make use of their power. They become asses when they cannot exercise their strong power.
They have a strong force but without knowing the knowledge behind there forces.
The candidates that have the highest numbers of votes from the electorate become the winner. That means the masses can make a new government and also demote a new government through their power of exercising their franchise.
The masses should avoid the ass-lickers from the authority because they spread confusion and anarchy in the state.
The sycophant who the only occupation is to play the role of the charlatan to the masses and beguile them of their right in the society.

Let the masses have this motion that without them their leader cannot emerge and without them, no votes will be count in any polling units. Let them make use of their knowledge and use it wisely to avoid regret in the future.
Unity they said breed force and oneness. Let them stand to stand to pull any single government from their powers.
Mehmet Murat lidan says, “Once upon a time millions applauded and supported Adolf Hitler; ignorant masses often cannot see the simple truths and evidently they do not have the ability to see the very clear ends! The stupidity of the ignorant masses has been proven thousands of times in history! Each time they follow the wrong leader and in the end fall in the cesspool!”
Avoid the corrupt leaders buying you from your right discovered you from your will due to the economic crisis many poor homes are facing.
What destroyed the masses is poverty. When a man cannot provide adequate meals for his family to feed on breeds problem in those circumstances. Politicians know that the million masses are very poor the use the system to dissuade masses from their powers.
Engage yourselves in skills that will boost your standard of living.
Know that you are surviving when the existing government are in power. Because they will surely maintain their innate rules. Because they have given you your own shares during their electioneering campaigns.
The wards are where communities and the masses cast their votes. The communities which have not received any governmental developments will use that development to hold the incoming official accountable during their campaigns let the leaders have proper negotiations and agreements to the party or candidates they really want in the power.
Let the masses wake up and say enough is enough. Let them stop complaining that the government in power are not helping their citizens but let us use our strong force of togetherness to pull the government in order through our large numbers and with one spirit of change.


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